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College girl Pam is amazing

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  • Description: You know you're being too loud during sex when the hotel's cleaning lady "accidentally" walks in on you. Yeah, that happened. Jay and Pam are getting it on, and all of a sudden the door opens up and the maid walks in. No knocking,

    no "hello, housekeeping!", no nothing. But you can hear the woman talk to someone outside the room for several minutes before that happened, and Pam doesn't exactly stay quiet when she rides Jay's cock, so there's no way the maid didn't know what was going on. Looks like Pam needs to tone it the fuck down when she's getting banged. Or the maid needs a membership to Exploited College Girls. So, about Pam. CUTE! Obviously. She's a freshman at UT Southwestern, which either means she's wicked smart or has rich parents. She denies the latter so it's gotta be the former. She does seems a little brighter than most of her peers, but that doesn't mean much these days. UTS is pricey and one great way to come up with the tuition money without becoming a slave to student loan repayments for the rest of a girl's life is to dabble in porn. First off let me say that Pam isn't the typical porn girl type. She's too shy, too inexperienced, and too wholesome to be the next Jenna Haze. In fact I'm a little shocked she showed up today for this at all. But I can see her go on to do more shoots in the future just for the money. Except, having her face and hair covered in cum at the end of today might have been enough for her to swear off porn forever. She really hated that. But we'll see. Jay picks Pam up from the airport. After the usual chit chat he gets her to show us her puffy nipples while they're driving to the hotel. She isn't overly shy about that but clearly it's also not something she does every day on her way to school. Time to push her comfort zone a little bit. A few more interview questions and then *BLAM!* - Jay asks her if she's ever given roadhead. By that time you've already figured out she's not the ultra slutty type so not surprisingly the answer is 'no'. 30 seconds later, Pam gobbles down on Jay's cock while he's driving. And frankly when she sucks him off it looks like she's never given a blowjob before. Which kinda makes this even hotter. Did we just get a girl that hasn't been sucking cock like a whore since High School? Apparently. It only gets better though. I think one of my favorite parts about today's shoot is that Pam doesn't look or act like a pro at anything she does, and I mean that as a compliment. She loves some of the stuff Jay does to her, but when she doesn't, you'll know it. When she gets tired, you'll know it. When she's about to cum, you'll know it. She's adorably unaware of which camera to look into (but fear not, Jay places the cameras so that you get to see her face at all times, regardless of what she does), and she spends a lot of her mental energy just trying to figure out how to handle that big cock properly. And she succeeds for the most part, I must say. Let me know what you think of Pam or if you ever see her anywhere else in the future. Because she really shouldn't be doing this type of work and if she does... well, let's hope she learned some things during today's session. Note to Pam: if you want to keep doing porn, you might want to change your name to something less... uh... ambiguous. Just sayin'.

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