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Wet T-Shirt contest - Behind the scenes

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Nebraska Coeds Site Review:

When you think of Nebraska what's the first thing that comes to mind? Why of course it's mile after mile of untainted, rolling prairie land, idyllic blue skies and tall grasses moving gently in the wind. Well sorry to be the one to ruin such a charming scene, but Nebraska Coeds are all about finding young party girls, plying them with drink, drugs and tales of super-stardom, all in a ploy to get them to de-robe and get down to some dirty action on camera. The site boasts that all the adventures are real, and was started by a group of mischievous, fun-loving buddies. Whilst I'm not really one to believe everyone I read on a porn site, I admire their desire to at least preserve the illusion of reality - it makes the whole thing just a little ... [read more]bit hotter.

When you first log into the members page, you may feel your enthusiasm wane as you become, quite naturally, underwhelmed by the low-tech, amateurish design. Don't be alarmed. While the design is, admittedly, a little on the plain side, obviously quite a few years outdated - but looks can be deceiving, my friends. Nebraska Coeds might not have all the fancy bells-and-whistles other sites have, but that's hardly relevant in the face of what really brought us here. You have to ask yourself: Is an amateur design is the trade off for high quality amateur porn. Is it really worth it? I think so.

Make no mistake, constant readers, these guys are no amateurs. Using nothing but cold logic and my finely attuned sense of deduction, I discovered that they started to ply their trade(publicly at least) in early 2001. The early videos, crude though they may be, have a certain prehistoric charm about them. Watching the scenes in chronological order of update is almost like spying on the Gods, or for the atheists out there, watching evolution unfold before your very eyes.

There are 225 movies. In spite of their simple design, they've went all out in the way of video tech. You can stream or download them either in a series of clips, usually about 3 minutes long each, or, alternatively, download the entire scene. Streaming and downloading videos is effortless with the high speed of. The embedded player worked great and had a massive resolution. And speeding ahead and back again in the video, quite frantically, caused zero buffering issues.

I should mention, however, that if you opt for viewing the clips, your options will be limited to the Windows Media or Flash files. While this would certainly come in handy for dial-up users, which are probably few and far between these days, I personally can't see much point in this feature. To each his own, I suppose.

One of the things that makes these videos so great is, not surprisingly, the key ingredient: the girls themselves. And let me tell you, these babes are smoking hot. They're all appropriately college age, with the fresh faces, perky breasts, unrealistic ideals, and that unmistakable "college kid" knack for public drunkenness to prove it. Perhaps that's why the action seems so genuine in many of these episodes. Youthful naivety is, after all, not the easiest trait to fake. I'm not going to lie, you'll see all the tell tale hints of a real production going on. But, nevertheless, the models coupled with the shabby settings and awkwardness creates a higher sense of realism than you'd see on many of the "college sex party" type sites out there.

I was pleased with the originality and authenticity of some of the scenes. In one I checked out, two friends were back at the hotel room with the idea that one would be taking part, and her friend was merely there to watch, and be on hand to provide emotional support. Well, the cameraman, never shy of a challenge, using all his charm and seductive talents, and a few shots of vodka to boot, managed to coax the so called innocent bystander into eating out her friend's snatch. The acting was brilliant throughout, so much so that you almost feel this is real!

For all you photography buffs, there's a picture section, and by my count there's a whopping 278 galleries. They contain, on average, a mammoth amount of pictures. It's not unusual to see a gallery with 800+ images. The photos are in the JPEG format, with two options for resolutions: 1,024×682 or 1,536x2304 pixels. Likewise, entire galleries can be downloaded, compressed in a ZIP file, in your choice of either size. On a related note: make sure you have java enabled in your browser, or you will not be able to switch the resolution size for each gallery.

I don't know if I was expecting grainy screen caps or what, but I was pleasantly surprised at finding actual photography skill was used in aiding the production of these images. Moreover, I actually found myself enjoying them. They really risen above the typical, "let's just stand in the background during filming and distract everyone on the set with the blinding flash of our cameras" behavior that I've seen more times than I can count. Instead, they went with a decidedly more hands on approach, taking control of their model(s) and creating something really innovative. Indeed, this is reflected in the galleries I've browsed. In addition to the displays of nudity and public sexual acts you'd expect, there's also a number of nice, candid shots of the girls. Some sets even include "Behind the Scenes" type shots, where you can see not only the crew, but all the horny hangers-ons with their phones flipped open, trying to capture their own masterpiece. And isn't that what it's all about?

One cannot really fault the content at Nebraska Coeds - it does the 'reality' take on things much more smoothy than a lot of sites and is sure to appeal to all you voyeurs out there. The site is very easy to get around and the lack of visual flair shouldn't hinder your viewing pleasure. The video quality and amount of material are both solid, which means this really is a site worthy of a look.

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