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18 Years Old Site Review:

Ahh, how it would feel to be 18 years old again. We'd just be getting out of high school, the males would be at their peak sexually, and the females would be young and hot. That would be pretty nice. A lot of older gentleman like to chase after younger girls to relive that feeling. Personally, I like older women more, but I must admit I fell into the trap of an 18 year old last year. Those were the best thirty minutes of my life!

18 Years Old is a site with a focus on videos of girls that are, well, barely legal at the tender age of eighteen. I actually liked the name of this site. It is so very simple, there is nothing sexual about it, but just the three words invokes an imagery you cannot ignore. It is so simple, yet brilliant. ... [read more] I'm surprised the domain name wasn't taken, or maybe they just grabbed it up when it became available. Either way, this is a brilliant way to start off a site.

When you jump into 18 Years Old, you immediately get content. No bullshit, no self promotion, no gimmicks. You get the latest set, with one portrait and three smaller thumbnails. This is good enough to give you an idea of what the girls look like here. The front page is just chock full of this content. There are about ten of the latest girls, if not more. Following this, there is some content that looks to be leased, bonus stuff crossing lots of genres. Underneath this, there is a bonus scene from the Babysitters porn series, which is changed every two days apparently. Pretty cool little bonus that throws in something extra without being a part of the actual sites content.

When you hit the videos page, you are given one big thumbnail for each segment of video. Unfortunately, there is no full video download here. That was a major bummer for me, especially considering most of the girls here had around seven segments. That makes for a much more tedious download of the site. The options you have here are WMV high/low and MPG high/low for each video. The segments are five minutes in length each. The previews are nice and big for each segment. The page is designed well without any BS, the only problem I had was the lack of a full video. That really just takes away from my pleasure, and if the videos needed to be segmented, I'd prefer three- but here there are so many, it really took away from my enjoyment. For those of you who say I can just join them, yes, I can, but that is even more work, and I have more porn to download!

The quality here is pretty good. I went for the WMVs because I like WMVs better, and there was no real difference in quality or size. The WMVs weigh in at 1032k and they look pretty good. The full screen pretty nicely and play pretty smoothly throughout. The videos are shot in a pretty professional manner, and really run smoothly. I think there is a little too much chit chat bullshit at the beginning, but a lot of people like that. Once they get the girls clothes off it gets more to the point, which I really like. Overall, there is a nice quality element to this site.

The pictures here on 18 Years Old are also very good. The picture page actually has two sets in one. The first one is more posed out, original sets of the girl. These are actually very cool. It shows the girl in a different environment, for example, Maya is outside by the pool in this series. And boy would I love to be that lawnchair! Then you also see the action inside shown on the video in the same quality picture. The pictures are 533 x 800 pixels and fairly crisp and clear. There are no additional extras like being able to download as a zip file, which would be really nice here. But seriously, this is a great pictures section, very excellent that they included both independent and action taken from the videos. Even better that both are done in a very high quality!

The girls on here are one of the bigger selling points. These are all very attractive girls, who all look to be 18 Years old! They don't fool around with the thirty year olds in ponytails here. Even if the girls are not all 18, at least they look the part. I know I slagged all the crap talking earlier on, but for some reason, the girls are shown playing a game like candyland, hungry hungry hippos, or other childlike games and toys. This is pretty cool, I don't understand it, but I guess its their thing. As far as the action goes, this is basically one on one action throughout the set- typical porn type sex here. The only cool variant is the toys in the beginning, but that doesn't even have any sexual meaning.

At the time of review, there were 59 sets of content. This is a pretty nice number, and when you add in the quality of the videos and pictures, its even more impressive. The site is updated on a weekly basis, in addition to the babysitter update I spoke about earlier. There are the bonus sites I spoke of, but they look to be leased, unoriginal sites. At least they offer downloadable content, so that is a plus. But the actual content here is worth at least a trial, I'm not sure if its full or not however.

The site offers 30 full-access bonus sites, including Freaks Of Cock, Euro Humpers, Deep Throat Love and 40 Oz Bounce to name a few. The content is updated on a weekly basis, so this already large amount of material will just continue to steadily grow bigger and bigger. A site like 18 Years Old will leave you very satisfied, even before you start enjoying the bonus content.


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Description: Cara Swank has a bad sun burn. She was masturbating too long in the tanning bed. She's trying to get her man to put some lotion on her to ease the burn--but all ... [read more]
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