Teen Audrina gets ready for her casting

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  • Description: Teen Audrina gets ready for her casting|Would it shock you to learn that this innocent looking young lady got herself a tramp stamp tattoo which reads "Yours Truly", with the intention to tease every guy who happens to stare at he

    r lower back...or that she pierced her pussy when she was just 14? She wants to be a slut but considers herself a good girl at the same time. Yes, 18 year old NAU coed Audrina is a girl full of contradictions, and probably a good dose of bullshit, too. I have some fun with her for a few minutes and challenge her to put on her makeup while I lick her pierced clit. Multi-tasking isn't her strength so that doesn't pan out, but it's fun for me, so whatever. Jay continues the interview as she puts on her make-up, and the more she says the more it's clear this girl will say and do anything for attention. And then she confirms exactly that: "I love attention!". Well, she's going to get a lot of that here today. So she wants us to know she's a princess but also parties, and is a slut in the making, and all that jazz. After all this self promotion it's time to put her claims to the test and see how hardcore Audrina really is. I'm not going to spoil the movie here but let's just say this is probably the last time you'll see Audrina in a porno video. She hinted on maybe wanting to get into the jizz bizz, but I don't see that happening for her. You'll see. I give her kudos for putting her guard down enough to actually cum when Jay eats her out, and fucks her with an arm-long dildo. (Actually, Audrina orgasms a few times, just watch her body heave and shake when she cums. Hot stuff). Jay gags her with his cock several times and despite some tears she doesn't run out on us. The actual fucking is where things get heavy for her. She told us about those huge cocks she supposedly sucked and fucked before, but Jays cock for some reason seems too big for her. It's hard to tell when she's enjoying herself and when she's wincing from being fucked too hard. Jay is getting more and more hardcore lately so he talks her into "just another minute". Good man. He does make her cum again as a reward though. She never asks to stops or anything, but it's clear she's in over her head. And she knows it. Turns out Audrina really hasn't had that much sex before and this is the craziest thing she's ever done. It must be embarrassing for her to be called out on her bullshit, but it's better she realizes now that she's not really the superslut she wants others to see of her as, than later in life where she might go out and do something incredibly stupid like get herself a tattoo on her back proclaiming as much... oh wait! After making Audrina swallow his entire cum load, Jay tries to make nice with her in the shower. He knows that she knows she's not supposed to be here and that she's been unmasked for what she really is: a young attention whore with a big mouth who will regret doing this tape for the rest of her life.

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